Due to a recent increase in abuse (~2,600 viruses people uploaded a day) anonymous uploads have been disabled whilst we control the situation.

Upload and share any file for free, instantly from anywhere.

# Upload using ShareX (Windows)
$ Download ShareX then install our uploader and our shortener

# Upload from your terminal
$ curl -F "upload=@'UPLOAD_PATH'" https://femto.pw/upload

# Upload using our alias
$ curl https://femto.pw/bash/bashrc >> ~/.bashrc
$ . ~/.bashrc
$ upload 'UPLOAD_PATH';


  • Preview files in chat clients
  • Designed to be used anywhere
  • Shorten URLs
  • Supports drag and drop file uploading
  • Upload files up to 512MBs in size
  • No download limit on files
  • No advertisements
  • Automatic code highlighting
  • Share files with a URL
  • Automatic file type detection
  • Lightweight (30KB page size)
  • Distributed file store (double replication)

User Features

  • List all uploaded files
  • Download archive of all files
  • Remove your own files
  • Custom settings for file display
  • Larger upload limit (upto 8GBs)

We do not allow indecent or illegal content on this platform. Report infringement at upload_abuse@femto.host. We do encourage bug reports, suggestions and random chat, join us on Discord.